the European Ridesharing Association

About EuRIDE

EuRIDE is a collaboration between the UITP Combined Mobility Platform and the partners of the Interreg North-West Europe project NweRIDE.

The main objectives of EuRIDE are:

The objective of the founding partners of the NweRIDE project is to maintain, innovate and exploit the technical developments as done during the project: a platform to exchange rides between ridesharing operators, and operators of public transport and vice versa and additional services or data. The source codes will be made open to make any innovation possible.

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Previously in NweRIDE

All over Europe, we are getting stuck in traffic jams. Our city roads are saturated and slow down our daily life. Fortunately, more and more people realize that if we keep on commuting individually, we are literally getting nowhere.

One of the growing alternatives is ridesharing. Via several local applications, travelers with a similar route can connect and share their route.
Unfortunately, there is no information exchange between those applications.

Within the project NweRIDE, a platform has been built that makes it possible to exchange rides from different ridesharing systems. Even more, a link with public transport has been integrated. This increases the chances of finding an appropriate ride significantly. In order to make it more attractive to share rides for commuter traffic, the project also looked into the possibilities of matching rides, based on the agenda’s of employees from neighboring companies.

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Best practices

These are some pilot video's explaining how the EuRide platform can be used.

Pilot 1 - Crossing the channel

Field testing of the aspect cross platform and cross channel dynamic ridesharing: gathering connection experience between two regional ridesharing systems and explore the possibilities for cross North Sea channel shared travel. Region: UK-Scotland.
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Pilot 2 - Multimodal journeys

In Pilot 2 a closed user group will test the ridesharing connected to public transport functionalities of the NweRIDE platform in cross border situations. Test users have been recruited in the region surrounding Maastricht, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
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Pilot 3 - Calendrive

It’s not uncommon for companies located in the same business park to attend the same events. If they could share these events in the same agenda, there is a high probability that their employees could share the rides to and from these events. However, in business time is always money, so it should be very easy to offer and register for a ride.

Electronic calendars are used in everyday business; from a simple task reminder with due dates, to a powerful planning of recurrent meetings with attendees, list of topics to discuss and resource booking. CETIC has designed and implemented CalenDRIVE, a ridesharing solution based on a shared calendar.
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